Peatland Management

APRIL implements best practices on peatland management which support the Government of Indonesia’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable development, and maintain other conservation values.Learn more »

Plantation on peatland

445,660 ha
total plantation of PT RAPP and Supply Partner

  • : plantation on peatland

    Conservation and restoration on peatland

    370,070 ha
    total conservation and restoration of PT RAPP and Supply Partner

    • : conservation and restoration on peatland

    IPEWG Profile

    The overarching purpose of the Independent Peat Expert Working Group (IPEWG) will be to help APRIL fulfil the commitments in its Sustainable Forest Management Plan…

    Peatland Roadmap

    The Independent Peatland Expert Working Group (IPEWG) was established to support APRIL by providing science-based information and recommendations on the practical implementation…

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